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Strabismus, sometimes called crossed-eyes, is a condition in which a person's eyes are unable to properly align and focus in the same direction at the same time. One or both of the eyes may turn in (Esotropia), out (Exotropia), up (hypertropia) or down (hypotropia), and a turned eye may be constant or occur intermittently as a result of stress, fatigue, alcohol consumption or illness.  

What causes Strabismus?
Strabismus is caused by a lack of coordination between the muscles responsible for eye movement, and thus prevents the eyes from aligning properly for binocular vision.  As a result, a person may experience double vision (diplopia) and/or compromised peripheral vision and depth perception.  Also, their field of view may be limited.   
Strabismus may occur in infants, children and adults.  When adults develop strabismus, it is usually due to an injury or disease. It is unclear why infants and children develop strabismus although genetic and environmental factors have been linked.  For more information please see Pediatric Eye Care.

What are the treatment options for Strabismus?
While strabismus is rarely cured, it may be treated effectively.  For milder cases, eye patches, eyeglasses or prism lenses may help. Botulinum toxin (Botox®) injections into the muscles responsible for eye movements are approved for the treatment of strabismus and may be another non-surgical option. The effects of Botox® are short-term, so if the therapy proves effective, then retreatment is often necessary. Finally, corrective surgery to realign the eyes may also be performed to help reduce double vision, improve depth perception and expand the person's field of view.  

The physicians of Fifth Avenue Associates are adept at properly diagnosing and treating strabismus and work with a team of surgeons that specialize in corrective surgery if it proves necessary.

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