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Sagging Skin - Face Neck and Body

•  Return to your normal activities
•  Apply cosmetics immediately following treatment
•  No recovery time
•  Tighter, smoother and more youthful feeling skin

Additional Treatments
•  Requirement varies for each individual ----
    - A single treatment produces good results in a significant number of patients.
•  May not be required as recently published studies conducted by Thermage show measurable tightening improvements appear gradually over 2 to 6 months after a single treatment session

What are the side effects of a Thermage procedure?
As with all medical cosmetic procedures, some side effects may occur but should only last 2-5 days.  The most common side effects are (side effects may vary):

•  Redness
•  Swelling
•  Increased sensitivity or soreness
•  Lumps/Bumps --

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