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Ebby Elahi, MD, FACS

Ebby Elahi, MD, FACS

Dr. Ebby Elahi is a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, and Public Health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He also serves as Director of Fifth Avenue Associates and FACES Fifth Avenue. An internationally recognized expert in ophthalmic and oculofacial aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Elahi is a fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American College of Surgeons. He is the current president of the Mount Sinai Eye Alumni Association and the immediate past president of the New York Facial Plastic Surgery Society.

After initially beginning his medical education at Louis Pasteur University in France, Dr. Elahi relocated to New York where he completed his undergraduate studies and obtained his medical degree from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He then completed his specialty and subspecialty training in Ophthalmology and Oculofacial surgery at Mount Sinai. For several years, he served as Director of Eye Care Services at Mount Sinai Medical Center prior to assuming the helm at Fifth Avenue Associates and FACES Fifth Avenue. Dr. Elahi has also served as co-director of Mount Sinai’s Ophthalmic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship program. Dr. Elahi also holds an MBA from Columbia University.

Dr. Elahi’s extensive clinical experience ranges from surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures to complex conditions involving eyelids, the orbit, and the lacrimal system. His special interests lie in the correction of age-related facial, orbital, and eyelid changes, advanced surgical management of eyelid and orbital malignancies, and treatment of thyroid-related eye disease.

Alongside his clinical practice, Dr. Elahi is actively involved in research and education, frequently lecturing nationally and abroad. He is widely published in peer-reviewed and medical journals and has contributed to several internationally-referenced textbooks. Dr. Elahi’s innovative approach to orbital repair and enhancement has resulted in several U.S. patents. An inducted member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, Dr. Elahi is also the recipient of several prestigious teaching awards, including Mount Sinai’s Abraham Kornzweig Award for Excellence in Resident Education and Mount Sinai’s Auxiliary Board’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to the International Community.

For the past twenty years, Dr. Elahi has been an advocate for issues surrounding global health. Currently, he serves as Director of International Affairs at the Virtue Foundation, an NGO in special consultative status to the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations. In this capacity, he has organized and led multiple missions to various countries around the world, including Mongolia, Liberia, Burundi, Cambodia, Tonga, El Salvador, and Ghana, providing surgical care and training while seeking to improve the delivery of local healthcare. For the past several years, Dr. Elahi has led an academic consortium of data scientists to leverage data analytics with the goal of directing care to resource-poor regions around the globe.

Dr. Elahi has been featured in various media including The New York Times, ABC, CBS, and NY1. For many years he has been recognized by his peers through such publications as New York Magazine’s Best Doctors, Castle Connolly’s Best Doctors and Super Doctors. In addition to his practice which includes an advanced AAAASF-certified operating facility, Dr. Elahi also holds surgical privileges at Mount Sinai Medical Center, the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, and Mount Sinai West.


Fellowship in Orbitofacial, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Mount Sinai-NYU Medical Center; Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Infirmary

Residency in Ophthalmology
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY

Transitional Internship
John Burns School of Medicine, HI

Doctor of Medicine
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY

Master in Business Administration
Columbia University, NY

Bachelor of Arts
Hofstra University, NY

Faculté de Médecine
Université Louis Pasteur, France

Honors & Awards

•    New York Magazine Best Doctors (2012-2018)
•    Castle & Connolly Best Doctors (2010-2018)
•    SuperDocs (2009-2018)
•    Best Doctors (2010-2015)
•    Most Compassionate (2012-2018)
•    America's Top Ophthalmologists (2006-2018)
•    Mount Sinai Auxiliary Board and Young Women's Division's Award for Outstanding Contribution to the International Community (2013)
•    Alpha Omega Alpha, Lambda Chapter (2006)
•    Abraham Kornzweig Award, Excellence in Resident Teaching (2002)
•    Excellence in Surgical Teaching – Mount Sinai (2003)
•    Medical Student Teaching Award, Nominee (1999)
•    Howard Hughes student Grant, Research in Basic Immunology (1993-94)


•    Expandable Orbital Wall Implant – Patent US 2016/0039085
Invention related to an expandable implant to repair orbital wall or floor fractures using a minimally invasive incision to insert the device within the orbit.

•    Orbital Implant Device, Patent US 7722670
Adjustable orbital implant device intended to restore orbital volume for repair of deformity (trauma, surgery or congenital disorders) or for aesthetic purposes.

•    Collar support member with fastening means, Patent US 2005/0251892
The invention relates to a device for supporting and retaining the shape of a collar of a garment.

Other Professional Roles

•    President – NYEEI-Mount Sinai Alumni Association
•    Past President, New York Facial Plastic Surgery Society
•    Secretary and Treasurer, New York Facial Plastic Surgery Society
•    Director, Global Health & International Affairs, Virtue Foundation
•    Director, Fifth Avenue Associates / FACES
•    Fellow, American Academy of Ophthalmology
•    Fellow, American College of Surgeons
•    Fellow, American Society of Ophthalmic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
•    Fellow, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
•    Fellow, American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery
•    President, Mount Sinai Eye Alumni Association
•    Member, Steering Committee, Cornell Avon Center for Women and Justice Member, American Medical Association
•    Member, Medical Society of the State of New York
•    Member, New York State Ophthalmological Society
•    Member, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Member, Mount Sinai Global Health Task Force
•    Member, American Association of French Speaking Health Professionals
•    Member, Benign Essential Blepharospasm Society
•    Member, New York Office-Based Surgery
•    Member, Mount Sinai Admissions Committee
•    Member, Mount Sinai Alumni Awards Committee
•    Member, Dean’s Alumni Leadership Committee
•    Founder / President, Mount Sinai International Health Society
•    Former Fellow, American College of Physician Executives
•    Former Committee Member, MSSNY Committee on CME and Credentialing
•    Former Member, Mount Sinai Ophthalmology Residency Admissions Committee
•    Former Member, Mount Sinai Executive Surgical Committee
•    Former Chairman, Membership Committee, Mount Sinai Alumni Association
•    Associate, Research to Prevent Blindness
•    Consultant for Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceutical
•    Founder, CEO, Surgeonesis, LLC 1999-2002


Peer Reviewed Original Contributions

•    Haranhalli N, Elahi E, Yassari R. A Reply to Commentaries on "Surgical and Teaching Mission to Mongolia: Experience and Lessons". World Neurosurg. 2018; Mar; 111:437-438.
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•    Diagnosis and treatment of IgG4-related ophthalmic disease. Distefano A, Meltzer M, Roen J, Friedman A, Elahi E, Wu A. Vis. Pan-Am. 2015; 14(2): 40-45
•    Frontorbital fibrous dysplasia resection and reconstruction with custom polyetherlatone (PEEK) alloplast. Nahumi N, Shohet M, Bederson J, Elahi E. J Craniofac Surg. Accepted for publication September 2015
•    Balfour-Lynn RE, Marsh G, Gorayi D, Elahi E, Larovere J. Non-invasive ventilation for children with acute respiratory failure in the developing world: Literature review and an implementation example. Paediatr Respir Rev. 2014
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•    Elahi E. "Survival and hope in a globalized world." Centerpoint Now, United Nations 60th Anniversary Commemorative Issue (2005).
•    Spinelli HM, Shapiro MD, Wei LL, Elahi E, Hirmand H. The role of lacrimal intubation in the management of facial trauma and tumor resection. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2005 Jun;115(7):1871-6.
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•    Parsa FD, Miyashiro MJ, Elahi E, Mirzai TM. Lower eyelid hernia repair for palpebral bags: a comparative study. Plast Reconstr Surg. 1998 Dec;102(7):2459-65.
•    Patel BC, Elahi E, Anderson RL, Harnsberger HR. "Pneumofornix" (air under the  eyelid): a normal finding. Ophthalmic Surg Lasers. 1997 Jun;28(6):520-2.
•    Brumeanu TD, Zaghouani H, Elahi E, Daian C, Bona CA. Derivatization with monomethoxypolyethylene glycol of Igs expressing viral epitopes obviates adjuvant requirements. J Immunol. 1995 Apr 1;154(7):3088-95.
•    Pricop L, Brumeanu T, Elahi E, Moran T, Wang BS, Troustine M, Huszar D, Alt F, Bona C. Antibody response elicited by T-dependent and T-independent antigens in gene targeted kappa-deficient mice. Int Immunol. 1994 Dec;6(12):1839-47.
•    Paine EM, Lee J, Facque A, Elahi E, Taub P. Congenital tooth-bearing tumor of the eyelid leading to lacrimal system obstruction – Submitted

Books and Book Chapters

•    Elahi E, Holt N. "Sight Saving Procedures." In: Roth R et al. The Role of Anesthesia in Global Health. 1st ed. Springer; 2014, p. 203-16.
•    Elahi E, Spinelli HM. "Eyelid and orbital surgery." In: Plastic Surgery: Indications and Practice. 1st ed. Saunders Elsevier; 2009. vol. 1, p. 851-67.
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•    Elahi E. Spinelli HM. "Complications of cosmetic blepharoplasty." In: Spinelli HM. Atlas of Cosmetic Oculoplastic Surgery. 1st ed. Saunders; 2003. p. 161-5.

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

•   Sheyman A, Cohen B, Elahi E, Friedman A. How'd that get there? Morning Rounds; Eyenet Magazine. April 2014. P. 49-50
•    Elahi E. The fight for greater justice for women; The Daily Beast (2011)
•    Elahi E. Winning photograph. Pharos Publication of AOA society – 2010
•   John Jesitus reporting on Ebby Elahi: Periorbital rejuvenation: 3-D approach addresses underlying structure – Dermatology Times, March 2008

Invited Lectures/Presentations

•    "Medical Missions in Ophthalmology: who are we serving? The evolution of medical philanthropy in the age of data analytics" – keynote speaker, Mount Sinai 8th Annual Steven M Podos Symposium Lecture, June 2018
•    "More than Meets the Eye: Why the periocular region is unintuitive" - Guest Speaker, Mount Sinai Otolaryngology Grand Rounds, February 2018
•    "Beyond the Surface: Challenges in How We See, Reconstruct or Enhance the Periocular Region" – MEETH- Lenox Hill Department of Plastic Surgery guest speaker –September 2016
•    "The Elusive Superior Sulcus" Guest Panelist and Speaker– The American Society of Dermatological Surgery Annual Meeting– October 2015
•    "Periocular Reconstruction" – Guest Panelist and Speaker The American Society of Dermatological Surgery Annual Meeting – October 2015
•    “Access to justice for women and girls” – Seneca Women Panel honoring the work of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Washington DC, April 2015
•    “Blepharoplasty and the Asian Eyelid” – Guest Speaker – New York University –Department of Otolaryngology – March 2014
•    “Culture shift: Insights from men who get it”, Panel discussion, Thompson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, New York, March 2015
•    “Fast forward: Partnerships for good”, Panel discussion Davos, Switzerland. January 2015
•    “Odontogenic Choristoma of the eyelid”, a case presentation and review of literature, New York Oculoplastic Surgery Society Meeting, November 2014
•    "Neurotoxin comparison: is there a difference?" World Ophthalmology Congress, Abu Dhabi (February 2012).
•    "Blindness and the bottom billion: global health challenges in the new millennium," Cornell Medical Center Dept. of Ophthalmology (2010).
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•    "Information, healthcare and technology: the impact of the internet on the future of medicine," Tenth Annual Conference of the World Information Transfer, United Nations (2001).
•    "Medical school metamorphosis," Guest lecturer, Cornell Weil Medical College (2000).
•    "Developing psychospiritual approaches to change," American Psychiatric Association 148th Annual Meeting (1995).

Voluntary Presentations

•    Marcet M, Kuk A, Phelps P, Elahi E, Selva D, "Randomized Clinical Trials in Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy: A Systematic Review" – Abstract American Academy of Opthalmology 30039917, 2014
•    Distefano A, Meltzer M, Wu A, Roen J, Elahi E, "Diagnosis and treatment of IgG4-related ophthalmic disease: a case series" – Poster, ASOPRS Meeting, New Orleans 2013 – Submitted for Publication JAMA Ophthalmology 2014
•    Paul BC, Elahi E, Miller PJ, "Conjunctivochalasis after Blepharoplasty" American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Meeting Meeting, Florida 2013
•    Goldstein G, Park E, Elahi, E, Shohet M., "Surgical management of compressive optic neuropathy due to orbital osseous lesions," Triological Society 113th Annual Meeting (2010).
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•    Elahi E, Lyon L, Ashton A., "Variability in physician productivity in an urgent care setting," Mount Sinai Community Medicine Report (1995).
•    Elahi, E., "Significance of DAPI staining on invertebrates as a tool to study DNA evolution patterns using the holarctic frog as a model," Hofstra University Report (1992).

Media Resource Educational Materials

•    Surgical technique video. Tarsomullerectomy for repair of upper lid ptosis – Video accompanying textbook; Plastic Surgery: Indications and Practice. Elsevier; 2009
•    Surgical technique video. Orbital floor decompression – Video accompanying textbook; Plastic Surgery: Indications and Practice. Elsevier; 2009
•    "Stolen Faces" Documentary on the phenomenon of acid violence in Cambodia; 2008

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