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Within our office walls resides a fully certified AAAASF facility, the Fifth Avenue Office-Based Surgery (FAOBS) - The facility contains a state of the art operating room and recovery suite with a full range of anesthesia services including general anesthesia and conscious sedation. The FAOBS team has decades of experience in ambulatory surgery with a deep experience in insuring patient safety and fast recovery. FAOBS provides advanced equipment such as surgical lasers and endoscopic systems for minimally invasive surgery.

Office Based Surgery Fifth Avenue Eye Associates

Fifth Avenue Eye Associates has proven its commitment to optimal patient safety and standardization of care by achieving accreditation from QUAD A.

Office Based Surgery Fifth Avenue  Associates

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Fifth Avenue Associates
1034 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10028

Phone: 212-570-0707
Fax: 212-570-0555
Email: [email protected]

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Fifth Avenue Associates Areas of Special Interest

Areas of Special Interest

Dry Eye Syndrome
Droopy Eyes
Bags Under The Eyes
Eyelid Cancers
Refractive Surgery
Thyroid Eye Disease
Tear Duct Conditions
Pediatric Eye Care

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