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A pterygium is a non-cancerous growth of tissue that forms on the conjunctiva or a clear tissue that grows over the white of the eye (sclera).  Studies suggest that prolonged sun exposure may play a role in its formation.  
What are the signs and symptoms of a Pterygium?
Many people with pterygia do not experience symptoms or require treatment, but some may become inflamed or may grow large, causing eye discomfort or a foreign body sensation in the eye.   Also, if a pterygium grows over the cornea, then astigmatism may result; if it grows over the central part of the eye, then vision may become blocked.

What are the treatments for a Pterygium?
Treatment for a pterygium depends on the size of the growth and the symptoms it causes.  In mild cases that become inflamed, steroid eye drops may be prescribed to reduce the swelling.  If the pterygium is large, causing visual interference, or aesthetically unappealing, then a short, in-office surgical procedure may be performed to remove the growth.  Unfortunately, a pterygium may recur after surgical removal, so your doctor may also perform autologous conjunctival autografting, a safe and effective procedure to glue or suture a piece of eye tissue to the removal site to help prevent recurrence.

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